Fsc & PEFC Policy

MADERGAL, S.L., as a company dedicated to the cutting and sale of wood, has decided to implement and maintain a Chain of Custody management system, which integrates the demands and requirements of the following standard: Forest Stewardship Council-Fsc-STD-40-004 -V2-1 and PEFC ST 2002: 2020 Chain of custody of forest products. Requirements.

We intend to commit ourselves to the values promoted by the PEFC and Fsc policy, publicly declaring that we are not directly or indirectly involved in:

  • The illegal trade in wood or derived products.
  • The violation of human or traditional rights in forestry operations.
  • The destruction of high conservation values.
  • The conversion of natural forests into plantations or other uses.
  • The introduction of genetically modified organisms in forest management.
  • Violation of the ILO Conventions and the social and occupational health and safety requirements that this organization promotes:
    • Do not prevent workers from freely associating, electing their representatives or bargaining collectively with the company.
    • Do not use forced labor.
    • Do not make use of the hiring of workers, below the legal minimum age of 15 years, or below the age of compulsory schooling, if this is higher.
    • Not preventing equal opportunities and treatment for workers.
    • Detect, control and prevent that working conditions endanger the safety or health of workers.

In this way, the intention is to establish a framework of procedures and measures that allow the establishment of a risk assessment and mitigation, applied by MADERGAL to reduce the risk of forest and tree material coming from conflictive sources, as well as preventing its commercialization.

This commitment will be disseminated among the employees, suppliers and clients of MADERGAL, S.L., and will be sent to any other interested party that requests it.

The general management of MADERGAL, S.L. looks forward and willing to actively collaborate with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the world's forests are managed responsibly.

General Directorate