Products and services

Pine table and Puntone

Madergal, S.L. prepares pine table and Puntone in different dimensions and sizes. Wood may be treated against the blue chromogen fungi and / or according to the phytosanitary requirements of ISPM No. 15. Their main destinations are in construction (shuttering) and structures.

  • LENGTHS: 2,00 y 2,50 m.
  • WIDE MISCELLANEOUS (100/up mm.)
  • THICKNESS: 20, 25, 40, 50 y 75 mm.

Although these are the most common sizes, you can make almost any size on request. Available for delivery in our own trucks.

Railway sleepers and crossing timbers for wide or narrow road

Madergal, S.L. wooden sleepers are available for their use on railroads. They are manufactured in different species, the most common being pine and oak (in different varieties and subspecies), but may also be conducted as in other Akogo demand. They can be purchased blank (no treatment) or treated with creosote. Where necessary, are also provided with different machining: drilling, banded, belted, plated with gang-nail system, etc..

We have enough stock to serve urgent demands. The delivery of goods can be made by our own trucks under request.

190x22x13 cm300x24x14 cm
240x24x14 cm350x24x14 cm
260x24x14 cm400x26x14 cm
450x26x14 cm

Other sizes and dimensions under demand.

More information to be found about manufacturing, treatment, aplications of these products in the web page of the Railway wood asotiaion (Asociación de Traviesas de Madeira -Astrama, of which we are members.

Packaging and pallets of wood

The manufacture and marketing of packaging and wood pallets is also among our activities. We can develop them at different measures and standards (with more entries, with or without wings or flanges, reversible or not reversible, etc.). If necessary they can be stamped with the seal for phytosanitary NIMF No. 15

Firewood and other products

Among the other products you can find firewood for heating, usually in oak sawdust bound or paper board factory and bark as a source of renewable energy or for its use in gardening.